The Wonderful World of Wine and Its Wine Cellars

The Wonderful World of Wine and Its Wine Cellars

For centuries, the wine cellar has been an integral component of any home’s design. This critical component of the home was and continues to be of the utmost function for storage and utilitarianism. Protecting the fruit of the vine from light, whilst providing constant temperature and humidity, the wine cellar pure form of function has graduate further.

wine-integratedToday, the wine cellar has become that of fashion, style, design, and an art exhibit for our most beloved bottles. No longer are the days of “storing” wine, now are the days of displaying our wine. Wine units and display cabinets, have grown increasingly sophisticated and incorporate a greater palette of materials. Many of the most modern and chic wine displays, feature chrome accents, metallic blends, and feature beautiful LED lighting to illuminate each and every bottle. Wine cellars have become today’s walk-in-closet of what you’d typically find in the master wardrobe. Our most-treasured grape drinks are now on showcase in a museum-like setting.

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