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troy-color-small-300x199Troy Adams is an award-winning designer and real estate developer based in the United States. Throughout his thirty-plus-year tenure, Troy has been featured in numerous publications, including television appearances on Oprah and HGTV’s Designer’s Challenge. Troy has successfully executed hundreds of residential and commercial real estate projects from Hawaii, to California, and beyond. His trademarked design aesthetics have been featured across the board during his career. From high-rise condominiums, to $50 million residential projects, Troy directs all elements of the design process; conceptualizing, execution, construction and project completion.

As a young entrepreneur growing up in Alaska, Troy’s design prowess blossomed while working as a millwork fabricator. His dimensioned aptitude for design and construction, promotes Troy’s knack for reinventing spaces – inside and out. This translated well into Troy’s successful firm he built in Honolulu. During his 17-year run in Hawaii, Troy was commissioned to design a villa in Ubud, Bali, of which was the origin of his FusionDesign™ concept.

Troy’s coined FusionDesign™ concept blends European standards of sophisticated, technologically minimalist design, with American principles of functionality, and Zen qualities of Asian cultures. FusionDesign™ utilizes open-space concepts, in addition to hidden-compartment hideaways, which elevates the actual and perceived size of any space. Troy’s collective design expertise and strategy, increases property value through his 30-plus-years of in-depth and hands-on experience.

Today, Troy continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, by expanding his polished understanding of design and building. Since 1994, Troy has been sought after for his design aesthetic and as a developer for some of the most distinctive projects in greater Los Angeles. Troy has recently re-branded his design firm and is the President of Troy Adams Design & Development, a full-service real estate development firm based in Beverly Hills, CA. Troy is catapulting his business into the future, backed by decades of design expertise and experience.

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Troy Adams Design & Development is a full-service manufacturer of exquisite design, and showcase properties. Troy Adams Design & Development was founded by Troy Adams, who has received numerous accolades for his intrinsic, sophisticated, and harmonious approach to design. Troy harbors his 30-plus-year’s in the interior design industry and exemplifies it into all-encompassing, specialized real estate developments for his investors.

Troy Adams is widely known for exquisite kitchens, baths, and wardrobes with unmatched flexibility and utilitarianism. Troy’s illumination by minimalist design and functionality, along with emulating the prestige of European fashion houses, he possesses a characterized ability to create works of art in a theater-like environment. Every project that is undertaken by Troy Adams Design & Development becomes a show piece; utilizing the latest in technology, innovation, exotic and unique materials, and earth friendly products. TAD&D executes its projects with precision, bringing new design inspiration to the real estate, design, and development industry.

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